Friday, February 24th, 2012

India-Mexico Similarities

Continuing the posts about Mexico (yes, I have a fascination with the country, a fact I admitted to in my prior post):

A very interesting analysis (at least, for me). Of course, this scratches the surface of the similarities, I'm sure, but I enjoyed reading this. I might also add that, for both countries, some regions are not safe to visit (at least, from what I have heard). Also, there are many people from both countries who work extremely hard and don't get paid much for their efforts. I find it sad, as I've seen many such people. In relation to other countries, their GDPs are not too different from one another (see for more info on this).

For me, one of the most striking similarities between the Mexican and Indian cultures, is the family-oriented nature of both cultures. Having grown up as part of a South Indian culture, I can say with confidence that my culture focuses a lot on bringing families together during festivals, occasions/celebrations, or in general. Key examples include weddings and religious festivals, many of which I got to attend during my visits to India. Also, as noted in the cited article, "family" can extend to relatives, neighbors, etc. This definition applies not only for festivals/celebrations in Mexico, but India as well.

Anyway, while I don't see myself pursuing a career as a historian with a focus on comparative cultures, I enjoyed learning about and writing about this. If you want to chime in with any other cross-cultural similarities you want to share (between any two cultures, doesn't matter), please do!
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Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Traveling to Mexico

I was catching up with a good friend of mine this past weekend, after having last seen one another in undergrad days. It was awesome to catch up after awhile! After getting each other up to date with the important happenings in our respective lives, at some point the discussion turned towards vegetarian food. As this friend is of Mexican heritage (his parents are both from Mexico City), I asked him about traveling to Mexico, and the availability of vegetarian food over there.

Here's what I learned/understood from our discussion:
Traveling to Mexico )

Thanks for reading!
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